« Her dynamism and prefessionalism have earned Nvart Andreassian the highest respect of players and peers alike (...) »
"Le Soir", July 1999

« Nvart Andreassian's passion for music burns through her innovative and personally inflected conducting vocabulary , an insightful reading of the score, and a clarion interpretation of the tonal arguments. Musical expressiveness flows forth from the inexhaustible wellspring of her personality and character, resonating above the literal score. Nowhere was that more true than in the works performed at the Small Philharmonic Hall. »
"République d'Arménie", May 1997, S. Sarkisian

« What a pleasure it is to watch and listen to this young conductor overflowing with talent ! »
V.M. "Radio Erevan", 1995.

« Nvart Andreassian conducts with a communicative enthusiasm steeped in solid technical discipline. »
C.A., "Le Soir d'Erevan", april 1993

« Her precise leadership and musical sensibility make her the finest conductor of her generation. »
F. Mallet - Radio France- France musique ,199O

« The ear rapidly became accustomed to visited conductor Nvart Andreassian's interpretation of the Bach Concerto in D Minor. There was none of the customary "clinical" precision : the flowing chaconne-like grace of the Adagio, the gentle passionate swelling of the piano, cool balancing violin, and the richly figurative finale providing a showcase for the soloist, all seemed natural. »
"Siegener Zeitung", March 1982


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