« One of the best conductor in Armenia today, exceptionally gifted for contemporary music (but not only) conducting the State chamber Orchestra of Armenia in a piece composed by Geghuni Chitchian.
Both WOMEN artists! Not that it makes a difference, but still…
Armenians ought to be proud of the feminine dynamics of the piece and the performance. For lovers of contemporary classical music, I urge you to listen to the end the piece, which is on You Tube ! »
Gerald PAPASIAN, Opera Director

« The orchestration of my work ’’ Icnocuicatl’’ is very dense and must sound like an orchestra. For this the instrumental writing of each part is very demanding. The musicians of Ensemble Polychromie made it wonderfully well. But for overall cohesion to be possible, excellent leadership was needed on the part of Nvart Andreassian, the conductor. Thus the creation was perfectly carried out with great emotion, enthusiasm and superb good humor, which only adds beauty to our work. The quality of the musical sharing with Nvart Andreassian and with the musicians of Ensemble Polychromie was exceptional on several levels. »
Gualtiero Dazzi, Composer Italy/France

« Nvart Andreassian is a very special person. There is no such a porfessional, a confirmed specialist, so meticulous and constant in the interpretation of new contemporary music in Russia. Immediately, one feels that she has a great musical experience and high capacities in human relations. She knows precisely how to read and interpret the musical drama. »
Alexei PARIN, Musical Critic for "Opernwelt" and for "Vremia Novosti" , and  Producer   for Radio "Orpheo" and "Echo Moscow"

« I remember the   experience of Contemporary Music Ensemble of Moscow with Nvart Andreassian; where she established trustful human relationships with the soloists. She works fast and with great precision being able to keep the balance between high level of productivity and little time frame. »
Yuri KASPAROV, Composer, Laureat of "Ordre des Arts et Literature " in France, Laureat of Arts of Russian Federation, Artistic Director of Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble.

« I asked Maestro Nvart Andreassian to conduct my creation "Distanze". She made it a memorable performance. »
Ennio Morricone October 1994

« I have an excellent recollection from my collaboration with Nvart Andreassian during the Festival Polychromy. She gave an excellent reading of my work “Ballade des Pendus”.
Nvart’s know-how and understanding of contemporary music as well as her musical comprehension permit me to look forward for further collaborations and complicity. »

Vincent Paulet, Composer

« Nvart Andreassian is an extraordinary musician who made musics and sounds perspectif of my piece on the first range. It is a great pleasure to work with a professionnal conductor. »
Edith Canat de Chizy, Composer ; Member of the Institut de France

« Her professional skills and sense of Mozart’s style revealed the mastery of the singers and the orchestra. The conducting of Nvart Andreassian was wonderfully restrained and sensitive. Her delicate work with the soloists allowed to highlight the key points of the libretto. Nvart Andreassian has a great musical culture and a deep knowledge of the orchestra and musicians psychology. »
Georgiy Isaakian, Artistic Director/Intendant, Perm Opera and Ballet Theatre

« I know Nvart Andreassian since 25 years as conductor and as the Artistic director of Ensemble Polychormie.
Mrs Andreassian has invited me several times from 1983 to 1993 to produce and record with Ensemble Polychromie for Radio France and Radio Television Belge pieces of Luigi DALLAPICCOLA, Edison DENISOV and Anton WEBERN.
She has impressed me with her professional and personal maturity as well as her large musical, artistic, literary and also vocal cultivation and open minded approach of contemporary music.
I liked immediately her very modern and direct style as she puts herself at the disposal of the piece and the composer.
It is undoubted that she is a charismatic person and has a large scale of professional abilities. »

Elena Vassilieva (Soprano)

« Nvart Andreassian is an excellent musician, an earnest person and the hope of the company; a true wealth for a theatre.
I very much appreciate her work with Sergei Neller’s opera, “Tintagiles’ death” which we presented in Helikon Theatre of Moscow.
The soloists, the orchestra and all members of the company received Nvart’s support ; our chef immensely respected. Her desire and willingness to work at a high level of efficiency have been highly appreciated.
She is an artist, a painter of the music, and I am very motivated to work with her again. »

Dimitri Krymov, Opera Director. Director of the Moscow Dramatical Art Scholl. Professor at the State Academy of Theatrical Arts of Russia.

« Nvart Andreassian is one of the genuine contemporary conductors. When she works a score, she has the habit of taking into consideration every single detail. Nothing stays unnoticed with her; she is interested in everything. She is the conductor I have chosen to create my second Opera “Phedra” ,soon in Moscow and St Petersburg »
Sergei Neller, Russian composer

« I met the conductor Nvart Andreassian during the rehearsals of Moscow’s Contemporary Music Ensemble for the concert given with French composers’ works.
She has done a excellent job with her perfect knowledge of the kind of complex works.
She has an excellent ear, a perfect sense of rhythm and tempo, and a very clear and exact technique of conducting.
She has made herself understand very quickly by a new orchestra.
Thanks to her work, she has been engaged to conduct the Symphonic Orchestra and the State Cappella of Russia, and she has been able to demonstrate her talent as conducting and accompanying an opera. »

Valery Popov, Fagot soloist at the Russian State Symphonic Orchestra and Cappella. Professor at the Tchaïkovski State Conservatory of Moscow

« The Conductor Nvart Andreassian has successfully performed a difficult work with the Russian State Symphonic Orchestra and the Cappella. She is very talented, experienced and efficient, and has a perfect knowledge of scores. Working with her has been a fulfilling experience for the musicians. »
Alexander Shanin, General Director, Russian State Symphonic Orchestra and the Cappella

« The Conductor Nvart Andreassian has directed Master Classes at the Tchaikovsky State Conservatory of Moscow, leading the “Studio New Music” Ensemble.
They have worked pieces from Messiaen and Fenelon, putting their focus mainly on issues of sonorous quality, the dynamic variations between instrument and the perspective of musical dramaturgy.
Nvart Andreassian has leaded the Master Classes with a high level of professionalism which will be the base of work for the musicians of the Ensemble. »

Professor Vladimir Tarnapolsky Composer. Artistic Director of the Ensemble “Studio New Music of Moscow”. Rector of the department.

« J'ai pu constater que Nvart Andreassian avait d'excellentes relations avec les musiciens de l'orchestre, une connaissance parfaite des partitions, ainsi qu'une personnalité souple et calme. Elle a fait un travail rapide et méticuleux avec l'orchestre à l'occasion du concert avec l'Orchestre National de Lille. C'est une musicienne cultivée et de qualité. Je lui souhaite le succès que mérite son talent. »
Jean Claude CASADESUS, Artistic Director and chief conductor , Orchestre National de Lille /France

« Nvart ANDREASSIAN demonstrated a solid personality, perfect knowledge of scores and excellent relationship with orchestra's members. »
CULTURAL COMMITTEE, Porto Alegre Symphony Orchestra/Brasil

« Nvart ANDREASSIAN has a great musical cultur, a solid conducting technic and a deep knowledge of the orchestra. »
Tigran LEVONIAN, Artistic Director, Armenian National Opera

« Le talent de Nvart ANDREASSIAN mérite d'être reconnu sur les scènes internationales. »

« Her talent is big.
Besides that she has a deep knowledge of the orchestra and musicians pshycology.
We played Messiaen's Offrandes oubliées and Chronochromy with her for the first time. »

MUSICIANS COMMITTEE, Tianjin Symphony Orchestra/China

« Her dynamism and prefessionalism have earned Nvart Andreassian the highest respect of players and peers alike (...) »
"Le Soir",

« Nvart Andreassian's passion for music burns through her innovative and personally inflected conducting vocabulary , an insightful reading of the score, and a clarion interpretation of the tonal arguments. Musical expressiveness flows forth from the inexhaustible wellspring of her personality and character, resonating above the literal score. Nowhere was that more true than in the works performed at the Small Philharmonic Hall. »
"République d'Arménie",

« What a pleasure it is to watch and listen to this young conductor overflowing with talent ! »
V.M. "Radio Erevan",

« Nvart Andreassian conducts with a communicative enthusiasm steeped in solid technical discipline. »
C.A., "Le Soir d'Erevan",

« Her precise leadership and musical sensibility make her the finest conductor of her generation. »
F. Mallet - Radio France- France musique

« The ear rapidly became accustomed to visited conductor Nvart Andreassian's interpretation of the Bach Concerto in D Minor. There was none of the customary "clinical" precision : the flowing chaconne-like grace of the Adagio, the gentle passionate swelling of the piano, cool balancing violin, and the richly figurative finale providing a showcase for the soloist, all seemed natural. »
"Siegener Zeitung",


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